Grad Party – Bigelow Band

Look familiar?


Be young at heart – like this group.

This was our class photo for our First Communion, now don't we all look like little angels

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Recorded February 04, 2011
St. Michael’s Catholic Church Courtyard
Poway, CA
Approximate time: 6:31

Semper Fi Uncle Phil

Recorded June 17, 2012
Pacific Crest Cemetery
Redondo Beach, CA
Approximate time – 2:23

Uncle Phil’s Wild Ride

Uncle Phil left us the other day.

And just like that, a little bit of my world changed upon learning of his passing.

I suppose everyone goes through these same sad feelings, to some degree or another. Someone or something that you remember being a greater part of your life, is now gone, forever lost.

But we will always have our memories – memories are something that no one can take away from us, and will probably bring me a little bit of relief at this particular time.

I said my final goodbyes to Uncle Phil last Friday, and remembered him for the man that he was to me.

If you can find a spare moment, take a little time out for your own memory of my Uncle Phil, I’m sure he would enjoy that.
You can find on online Memorial to Phil Kratzer by clicking on this line.

Me, I like photos, click on this line to view Uncle Phil’s slideshow.

Your life was a wild ride Uncle Phil, I hope you enjoyed it.

ps – When you meet them again, don’t forget to say hello to Henry and Mary Jean for me.

Aunt Harriette was one of my favorite people. Every time I came to Chestertown, I had to phone ahead in order to make my appointment so we could get together and have a nice visit (didn’t want to interfere with her bridge game). She always seemed interested in what new tidbits I had discovered about my Kratzer research, and this would sometimes remind her of things overheard or new stories or fables to tell me about certain family members.

She was a delight. So one day I dropped by Washington College and combed through the old newspapers on microfilm, and copied the news articles that appeared of her wedding to Uncle Phil (uncle Phil V., that is).

Thanks Aunt Harriette, I miss you.

Found under the Family Events Tab.

Kratzer / Vane Wedding Notes – available here.

Hard Times Are Not New

Think the economy is in tough shape right about now?

Over the course of history, harsh economic times are nothing new. Our ancestors also went through periods of financial ups and downs, and they survived.

We reprint an article we found about a rough period in America during the First World War, and the editors’ message at that time was, ya shoulda seen how bad it was during the Civil War.

Found under the Family History Tab.

It Is Bad Enough But It Might Be Worse – available here.


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